• The Living Knowledge Network is a partnership between public and national libraries in the UK, created by the British Library. Together we celebrate libraries and create memorable experiences for you, library users. On this website you can watch our specially-curated live events, so you can get a front-row seat for free no matter where you live.

      You can find out more about the network at www.bl.uk/living-knowledge-network
    • Library users can view all our events on living-knowledge-network.co.uk for free. There is no need to register, at the time of the event simply come to this website and enjoy. You can find our calendar of upcoming events on our homepage here. You can also catch-up on our previous events here. To stream a video we would recommend an internet connection of at least 1mbps.
    • We will post details of upcoming events on living-knowledge-network.co.uk, under the ‘Future Events’ section on the Homepage. As well as our upcoming live events, you can browse our archive of recorded events, which are carefully curated so that there are a variety of events that will appeal to different audiences. Not all of the upcoming live events will be immediately available in the archive, so be sure to tune in so you don’t miss out.

      Parental discretion is advised when using the website as there is a range of content viewable. You can find content warnings in the description of the videos as a guide.
    • You can submit your questions by using the ‘Ask a Question’ form under the event you are watching. Participation and discussion is encouraged so join in the conversation on Twitter, tagging us @LKN_Libraries
    • It is important to us that the events we create are what you would like to see. You can give us feedback through the ‘Leave Feedback’ button next to each video description. Any information and comments you give us helps us to continue to improve our programme and your experience. All feedback is anonymous.
    • Due to the coronavirus crisis our programme of live events in libraries is on pause, but as libraries across the UK reopen screenings will resume. When we are able to gather again in libraries we will post information about enjoying events in your local library on the Living Knowledge Network webpage.
    • We often work with Stagetext to provide live captioning at our events. These live captions are contained within the window of the video. As the captions are recorded real-time during the event they are not 100% accurate. Below is an explanation of the process of live captioning: ‘A speech-to-text reporter (STTR) transcribes every word a speaker says using a special electronic shorthand keyboard which allows them to type phonetically (how words sound rather than how they are spelt). The words are then immediately converted back into English text by a computer software program, enabling the STTR to keep up with the speed of spoken English.’ You can find out more on the Stagetext website. We are working to make subtitles and transcriptions available of all our events.
    • If you would like to support the Living Knowledge Network you can make a donation at bl.uk/support, selecting Living Knowledge Network in the drop-down box.

      If you have watched one of our events please let us know what you thought through the ‘Leave Feedback’ button and follow us on Twitter.