POSTPONED: We Have a Dream: BirdGirl and Friends

This event was due to take place on 16 September but is now postponed. Check back here for the announcement of a new date.

Meet the global generation campaigning for climate justice, with Mya-Rose Craig AKA BirdGirl.

Environmentalist and race activist Dr Mya-Rose Craig AKA 'Birdgirl' explores her book We Have a Dream with the illustrator Sabrena Khadija. The book is a call to arms, featuring interviews with 30 young people of colour and indigenous environmental campaigners from around the world. It charts their dreams for the future of the planet and gives a platform to the communities disproportionately affected by climate change, who are often left out of global conversations.

Join Birdgirl, Sabrena Khadija and a selection of the campaigners featured in the book who want to give young people around the world the courage to join the fight for climate justice. Chaired by entrepreneur, author and supermodel Lily Cole, whose recent book Who Cares Wins chronicles the thousand ways we can halt the Sixth Mass Extinction. Buy Who Cares Wins from the British Library bookshop here.

You can buy We Have a Dream from the British Library bookshop here.

Part of the British Library's environment event series, The Natural Word, which celebrates the underrepresented voices harnessing the power of imagination to change the world.


Mya-Rose Craig

Naturalist and Activist